016_gulps2022The Gulps Secret Gig!
February 2022

05_Flaxon_Z 09_Flaxon_Z

Aldwyn & Vera : Red Satin & Poetry!
March 2020

02_FlaxonFuzzy 03_FlaxonFuzzy 04_FlaxonFuzzy 05_FlaxonFuzzy

Fuzzy Felt Art Hits Flaxon Ptootch
February 2020

03_GideonSummerfield 16_GideonSummerfield

Gideon Summerfield at Flaxon Ptootch Gallery
January 2020


DC5_7841 DC5_7844

Xmas Show
the lights go on forever..
December 2019



Fifi Rong

Fifi Rong

Printmakers Show
featuring the amazing Fifi Rong
November 2019

Eve Ferret at Music Stars

Eve Ferret at Music Stars

80s Music Stars by Douglas Cape
featuring Kuma Lisa
October 2019


Art Music Laser Film Extravaganza
Fujie Yoshimoto & Helena Davis – Art
Carya – Live Music
Rory Edmonds – Film
August 2019

Beverlie Manson

Beverlie Manson

Pink Diamond Revue

Pink Diamond Revue

Pink Diamond Revue

Pink Diamond Revue

Beverlie Manson and Daniel Jacobs Show
featuring The Pink Diamond Revue
July 2019



Jackson + Hawkridge : Damage – Show until 1st June

Cowboy Flying Saucers

Camden Scupture Park !

Download Camden Gardens Proposal



Mick Hampshire and Wolf Howard Show
Until April 29th

_DC55958 _DC56032

Dope:One Benefit – February 2019
Jack Tyson Charles & Passing Through Eden


The Gulps Rock December Art Show



Joe Whitney & Family 06/09/18
The Flaming Stars light up Flaxon


Susan Diamond & Aleksandra Janowska Show 2 August 2018
featuring Laville

03_FlaxonBelaruski 23_FlaxonBelaruski 36_FlaxonBelaruski

Joni Belaruski Show Monstrous! 5 July 2018
featuring Paul-Ronney Angel and The Great Malarkey

25__DC54338 26__DC54372Alex and the Wonderland
Rockin’ the Pootch 7 June 2018

01_Chaps Choir Flaxon 16_Chaps Choir Flaxon

Chaps Choir Fill the Ptootch
and sing the robot 3 May 2018

_DC53119 _DC53177

Rinngs at Flaxon Ptootch 1 Feb 2018


Thursday 7pm 7 December

This Thursday’s art event is a group show for the 2018 winter/spring season artists that will be exhibiting here at flaxon ptootch, they’re a very lovely bunch and they’re gagging to tell you all about their creative processes, ongoing projects and future plans…
There will be complimentary punch and canapés for the prompt courtesy of the magnificent Knowhere Special and Anima e Cuore respectively, a bit of a performance by a local troubadour and a special guest DJ! 
And if you’re good (and we’re lucky) we’ll give you one of our beautiful new lunar calendars…merry effing Xmas indeed!

Photography & Cartography 2 Nov to 4 Dec


Galleria, An Assembly of Artists, Makers & Creative Tree Shakers
October 14-15 2017


Starsha Lee at Flaxon Ptootch

Starsha Lee Live at Flaxon Ptootch 3rd August 2017



Video Panorama Slide :: Flaxon Ptootch Gallery April 2017

A Slide through Flaxon Ptootch in 4K Panoramic View Distortion Video
With Cat Santos Ceramics and Katia Fiorentina Art
Can be used with Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift & Other VR Headsets
Click on Goggles Icon • In VR Setup choose your VR Headset
Look down and focus on an arrow to another panorama

Sofia Martin at Flaxon Ptootch March 2017

Sofia Martins at Flaxon Ptootch March 2017

WebVR Panoramas :: Flaxon Ptootch Gallery March 2017

Can be used with Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift & Other VR Headsets
Click on Goggles Icon • In VR Setup choose your VR Headset
Look down and focus on an arrow to another panorama

Video Panorama :: Flaxon Ptootch Gallery March 2017

2nd b-side final

a-side A3

germaine and dan A4


EU Debate at Flaxon Ptootch

EU Debate at Flaxon Ptootch from Douglas Z360 on Vimeo.

The Amazing Starsha Lee Rockin’ Flaxon Ptootch


EU Debate

New Web VR Panorama Tour
To be used with Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift & Other VR Headsets
Click on Goggles Icon • In VR Setup choose your VR Headset
Look down and focus on an arrow to another panorama

the flaxonptootch newslwtter



Winter / Spring 2016 Programme


fp winter-spring 2016



Thursday 3rd December

Flaxon raises over £1,000 at Xmas Art Sale for Doctors of the World !

Flaxon Xmas Sale

U&E flyer

Thursday 1st October !

exhibition event image v2

Flaxon Ptootch invite you to the opening night for their October exhibition, with the photographic work of Jeff Davy and Nadine Wood plus Arrows Of Time are launching their new EP and playing live, there’s poetry from The Hanging Gardener of Babylon and DJs including Mark Ratcliff & Antz in the Jam DJ.

As ever, complimentary cocktails will be served as you enjoy the spectacle, guided by your host and curator Michael Ptootch.

jeff davy

JEFF DAVY has been taking photos of bands, musicians, DJs, festivals, clubs and more since 1990 and has a fine collection of photo passes and dented lenses to prove it.

His work has been published in the UK, Europe and the US, in books, newspapers and magazines such as Rolling Stone, NME, The Guardian, Q, Mojo, Vogue and many others. His photos have also been exhibited at a Spanish music festival and used on several forests’ worth of club flyers.

Much to his surprise, this is the first time his colour photos have been in a formal exhibition.

nadine lydon

NADINE C WOOD works with both digital and analogue photography and seeks to discover the processes of the human mind through pictorial representation; the visual aesthetics of her work are both conceptual and traditional and this style permeates through all of her work.

steven and mitch

jason flaxon 2015 b-2

 Hustings Video !

flaxon ptootch are pleased to announce that Sir Keir Starmer will be attending the hustings at this very bastion of democracy.

fp hustings poster


Flaxon Ptootch in the Guardian !!


STRIKE! Magazine Show !


08_Alex_jack_heart3 copy

The very fantastic Astrid Schultz unveiling her latest photographic project
at the flaxon ptootch salon & gallery this Thursday evening 12th December.

rob bell

rob & adam

vicky and hannah

7pm 11/9/14 Flaxon Ptootch
3D Printer unveiling featuring Rusty Suns !

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